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Mary Mary & JFK

Mary Mary & JFK

Michael Pinchot

John F. Kennedy was immediately and forever smitten by Mary Pinchot. He was nineteen and she was sixteen when they first met.

Jack returned home from Second World War as a physically damaged PT-109 decorated war hero, only to find that the girl that had occupied his thoughts while overseas had wed Cord Meyer, also a decorated war hero who had lost an eye in the Battle of Guam.

In time, Jack would become President of the United States and she, a charming socialite with astonishing worldviews and powerful connections. Beneath the dazzle of politics and power, the two began an intimate affair but their relationship and lives would take an unexpectedly tragic turn.

In November 1963, Jack was assassinated and ten months after his death, Mary was murdered. Her mysterious death, which coincided with the release of the Warren Commission Report, remains unsolved to this day in spite of having all the markings of a CIA hit.

In Mary Mary & JFK, Michael Pinchot paints an enigmatic and compelling portrait of Mary Pinchot and John F. Kennedy, revealing their pre-presidential parallel lives, their destined intimacy and why she was the only woman Jack ever loved.

Mary Mary & JFK is a two-part book, under one cover. Part I (covers through the evening before the assassination) is non-fiction, with over 400 footnotes, while Part II (covers from the morning of the assassination forward) is fiction and presents answers to the inevitable questions: What would have happened if JFK had not been assassinated, and Mary Pinchot-Meyer had not been murdered?